Short-term furnished rental offers near the Tour Eiffel and the Invalides with GLAMAPARIS.

The 7th arrondissement of Paris is particularly renowned for its tourist appeal. Although it is also home to many institutional buildings (the National Assembly, UNESCO, the Hôtel Matignon and many ministries), this Left Bank district is most famous for the two architectural gems it hosts.

The Eiffel Tower, built for the 1889 World’s Fair, has become over time the symbol of the capital throughout the world. With a height of 330 meters, it offers a panoramic view of the whole city and much more! In addition to numerous telecommunication antennas, it houses a Michelin starred restaurant, the Jules Verne, located on the second floor. The Dame de Fer (Iron Lady) welcomes more than 6 million visitors each year, more than any other monument in France.

The Invalides, Napoleon’s last home

The Hôtel des Invalides is much older. Built during the reign of Louis XIV to care for soldiers wounded in battle, it has been home to the Army Museum since 1905, where you can explore nearly 800 years of French military history. The building’s characteristic golden dome serves as a setting for Napoleon’s tomb.

Other places to visit in the area include the Rodin Museum, the Quai Branly – Jacques-Chirac Museum and the Orsay Museum. The Bon Marché, the most prestigious department store in Paris, is located in the east of the district.

Finally, you can take a bateau-mouche near the Pont de l’Alma to enjoy a visit of Paris from the Seine from which you will be able to admire the Louvre as well as imagine the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district.

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