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Tips for renting your apartment

Renting your furnished property for short term periods is a decision not to be taken lightly. Indeed, in order to be rented on a regular basis, your apartment will have to respect a certain number of criteria both to comply with the rules and to correspond to the quality standards that we wish to propose to the customers of GLAMAPARIS.

Offer a quality property

At GLAMAPARIS, we are committed to providing our international guests with high quality apartments. Therefore, it is important to us that the apartments we manage are particularly well equipped, aesthetically pleasing and suitable for rental.

Of course, a primary residence is the place where the owners live most of the year. Therefore, we will never ask for major work to be done in the apartment. Nevertheless, some elements seem necessary to us in order to benefit both the tenants and the owners.

Offer quality bedding
Decorate your apartment with care (avoid objects of high value)
Leave storage space available for tenants

The decoration and the equipment

Choose modern and contemporary furniture
Optimize storage space
A renovated bathroom and kitchen will make a difference
Opt for up-to-date, energy-efficient light fixtures

Respect the current legislation

In order to fight against the increase of rents, the government and the city of Paris have put in place rules to limit certain abuses in the recent years. Among these rules, we can mention:

  • the prohibition of renting a second home for short periods of time,
  • the limitation to 120 nights per year of the rental of one’s main residence,
  • the registration of one’s accommodation at the Paris City Hall with a registration number.

Since 2008, GLAMAPARIS specializes in the short term rental of furnished apartments. Therefore, we have been able to witness from the inside the different legal evolutions regarding the rental rules.

So, do not hesitate to contact us in order to know if your apartment can be rented or if there is a certain need to take some measures to put it on the market.

How to equip a furnished apartment?

In order for your apartment to be considered furnished, it must have a certain number of elements defined by law. Decree 2015-981 of July 31, 2015 lists these various items of equipment considered essential.


The mandatory equipments for furnished rentals

A bed
A table
A fridge
Cooking equipment (plates, oven and/or microwave)
Storage spaces
Curtains or shutters
Crockery in adequate number
Cleaning equipment

Carry out the mandatory diagnostics

Before renting an apartment, a certain number of diagnostics must be carried out in order to determine if it complies with the applicable standards, whether it is concerning exposure to lead or in terms of energy loss. Moreover, it must be measured precisely. Some companies are specialized in this type of diagnosis and we are used to working with some of them.  We will be happy to assist you in this part of the process.

Lead Condition Buildings constructed before 1949 Validity Unlimited if negative, 6 years if positive
Asbestos file and private parts (DAPP) Condition Private areas of properties built before 1997 (the diagnostics must be redone if it dates from before 2013) Validity Unlimited if negative, 3 years if positive
Electricity and gas Condition Installations older than 15 years Validity 6 years
Measuring Boutin law Condition All properties Validity Unlimited, except in the case of work aimed at increasing the living space
State of risks and pollution (ERP) Condition All properties Validity 6 months
Energy performances (DPE) Condition All properties Validity 10 years

You plan to rent your apartment for short periods? We are here to help you.

For 14 years now, GLAMAPARIS has been offering furnished apartments to clients from all over the world. Our relationship with the apartment owners means that most of them have trusted us for many years.

Our expertise in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area means that we know the specificities of this area perfectly, even if we also operate in the 1st, 4th and 7th districts.

If you have any specific questions about short-term furnished rentals, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us at +33 1 49 26 90 50 or click on the link below.